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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doing it!!

Hi Everyone,

Well, Autumn is officially here which means that its a bit darker in the mornings and there are more gray skies than blue skies to be expected. This however, does not phase me since this is my favorite time of year. Perfect uniform for this weather t-shirt, jeans and a cardigan...YIPPEE!   I am also very busy working as a web editor/blogger/content manager for a company called SIME. Next week we are off to London for our first ever SIME London Conference and I will be running around like a maniac trying to figure everything out.   Working as a web editor is really interesting because I am learning something new everyday. Its challenging and frustrating and a bit intimidating but I am up for the challenge.   My Granny and I had a long talk the other day and the subject of retirement and career flexibility came up. Its so important to remain open to new things and try to learn new skill sets because things are constantly changing and you never know when you might have to fit into another position or company or project. What we need to realize and accept is that learning is constant, which is why I apply for Spring 2013 classes at Stockholm University.   People talk about how they don't want to study but I don't see there being any options. How will you compete if you sell yourself based on what you already the digital world what you knew yesterday is have to stay in the game through theory and practice.   I know, I sound really busy and I have cranked my life up a bit and ya know what has helped me???? WORKING OUT!   I am happy to report that I have stayed committed to myself and have continued on my journey to a healthier me. I have been doing weight training three times a week and doing Zumba classes. I am eating healthy food and really taking control of my life.   I hope this post finds you all in good spirits and in KICK ASS TAKE CHARGE MODE!   If not, I have attached my new favorite song for the treadmill..its in Swedish but just listen to it and get pumped up!  



Friday, August 31, 2012

A Commitment Revisited

Hi Guys and Gals!

Actually it would be interesting to know if there are any men that read my blog but I digress... This blog post is long overdue. About one year ago, I was recruited to do a workout video with a co-worker at my former job. I had just starting working there and it was not a huge surprise that an opportunity like this would present itself in an environment like that. I committed to helping out a friend and what that meant was I trained almost everyday for like two months straight. I had to learn the routine! As a result we created a workout video that I have included it for you all to watch, enjoy and hopefully feel motivated to work out. I lost 15lbs and felt rejuvenated but like so many others I lost my motivation and gained the weight back.

I have decided to revisit my commitment to live a healthy life. I am eating good food and exercising because its not about losing weight its about getting the most out of life, being responsible. I have started a pretty hardcore cleansing- flushing out the toxins from my body which has helped me to quit smoking and I feel great. You can call it a pre-midlife crisis...this year I turn 37 and I hope to live for a very long time but with the stress of everyday life, without a healthy lifestyle I won't make it and that is why I am getting back on track. So, this is a celebration and a commitment that I want to share with everyone! I hope you enjoy the video..I have also included some photos from the taping of the video as well. It was a huge challenge to get through the recording but I did it and so can you!

I can't remember which day or at what time this photo was taken but the fact that I was able to smile meant that it was early!
We had a physical trainer on the set to make sure that we performed the exercises properly
We had to film our workout from many different angles and the crew shot multiple takes!- It was crazy!
They did closeup shots of some the more grueling exercises...It was tough!
We did have some breaks and time to rest a bit but not for long!
I met some incredible people and it was reassuring that we had professional on location making sure that we were doing it right. 
Bosse and I striking a pose! Bosse was AWESOME!
Cool to watch them filming live and seeing it through the monitors.
Filming the final meditation sequence....that one was not a problem!
I saw this on a bag and was inspired...doing the video was scary but I did it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skåne- Southern Sweden Video

In the South of Sweden there is a region called Skåne...its a special place with its own unique history and dialect, just like most places. My favorite thing about Skåne is how close it is to Blekinge! I hope you enjoy the video! Hugs! Kyanainsweden

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Going Back to School- På Distans

Hi Everyone!

I promised myself that after the new year I would sign up for Swedish writing classes in order to continue to develop my professional skills. I am very happy with my job and the start of my career here in Sweden but it dawned on me that working towards an English speaking market can also limit my opportunities in a Swedish sales organization. Of course, Stockholm offers an international work environment but what if we move? What if my husband finds an opportunity outside of Stockholm, the reality is that we have to be flexible in order to survive and perfecting my Swedish writing skills gives me that flexibility.

So, I will sign up for an online course and start with my classes. I might even write some blog posts in Swedish but I promise to have both languages so I don't lose my english speaking readers....that would be my Mom! But seriously I think this is the right decision and considering the amount of work I have it will be challenge but in a few years who knows what life will offer me. Considering that we don't have any plans on leaving Sweden, I have to assume that the opportunities will only be better if I can write på svenska!

Curious about the class? Check out Folkuniversitetet Swedish writing classes!



Saturday, July 16, 2011

Surprise Visit

It has been so long since I have written anything that I feel that I have lost practice...what is this blog all about anyway? Its about my life in Sweden...right!  Ok....let me show you what has been going on..

Andrea and Mable meet for the first time
One random afternoon I get a message on Facebook that my dear friend Andrea (crazy Italian man) would be coming into town on business and wanted my address. Totally out of blue I realize that Andrea will be meeting my little Mable for the first time. I start to think, "how is this possible"? How can I have a friendship that I cherish so much and not meet with this person for years. Although in this particular case I did see Andrea last year...but before that we hadn't met for like eight years or something and we immediately clicked right back into gear. I have never met his children either and this friendship is not the only one of its kind for how do friendships like these withstand the test of time?

First, they have to be real friendships. Obviously, we were really close but I have lost a few along the way and its sad but oh, I don't know..I think Facebook is the answer. I have been able to watch children grow up through pictures and have shared holidays and birthdays and arrivals of new siblings through Facebook and for the others not on Facebook then just good old fashion cards and email and the occasional the phone call.

So what's the point with this post? True friendships never die? Everyone knows that but this picture is like proof that its true. One random afternoon I get a message on Facebook that my dear long lost friend was coming into town on business and he wanted my address and he finally got to meet my Mable, after all these years.  And on that day I didn't feel so far away from home.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Since starting my new internship, I have been considering either writing a journal to get my thoughts about work and life out of my head so I can think clearly or starting a private blog. I really love the fact that I am regularly posting messages. I have been relatively consistent and I fear losing contact with my readers. This blog has become a way for me address my fears of self expression. I have wanted to feel like I belong to something so long that I almost lost those things that make me special. This blog has been a way for me to say what I want and realize that no one is going to make big deal about it. In fact, I realize that some people actually think that what I have to say is important or funny or interesting. I have been worried about the wrong things. I value my opinions!! Good night readers.. Early day tomorrow, we start 8.30
Let me hear from you!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guest Speaker and Racism

Today was my final class in Cross Cultural Communication. On schedule we had a Swedish woman that was to lecture about the American business culture. I was curious to hear if the experiences she shared with the class would be positive or negative. Swedes have a love/hate relationship with the United States. I don't want to make generalizations but its like there is an obsession with the US and people are extreme in their feelings about it. Either you are 100% a pro-American or you hate it, that's it..there is no indifference here about the US.
Anyway, overall the lecture was interesting and at times really funny until the subject of racism came up. Now, you have to understand that Swedes do not think that they are racist or that racism exists here. Today, there is a serial killer running around targetting immigrants in Malmö, the third largest town in Sweden. There are problems with integration here...I mean entire areas in Stockholm where there are only immigrants that live there, but when she mentioned that her real estate broker in the US thought that she would be able to get an apartment because she wasn't black or Jewish my classmates were appalled. My lecturer's reaction was, "yes, these things happen even today in the US" but ask anyone in Sweden with a certain type of last name if they felt that they have been denied an apartment or a job and you hear that yes, these things happen even today in Sweden.
I didn't feel comfortable with the issue of racism being brought up, because its complicated and something that a white foreigner really could never understand, much less attempt to explain. I am african american and I still can't wrap my head around racism at times, so its not appropriate for it to be "just a bullet point" on a powerpoint presentation of  a Swedish woman who lived in the States for seven years. As a consequence of this racism -as a subject dabbling, a few of my classmates started to ask me questions...yippee.... about the situation and what its like to deal with racism in the US.
I started off with my view that its a completed subject. I had to explain that I didn't feel "held down by the shackles of the man" on a daily basis. Yes, I was aware that there were country clubs that did not allow Blacks to join but I had to explain, that I didn't know where they were. It wasn't like I was shaking the guard gates screaming, let me in, let me in. Yes, I did agree that the American dream was a myth to most but that only in the US, could the phenomenon that is OPRAH be an example of a dream made real. I also had to point out that poverty should not be exclusively assigned to a racial group. Most Swedes, because of negative media, believe that most black people are poverty stricken and that isn't true.
So, I did appreciate the lecturer's viewpoint that racism is bad but it left too many unanswered questions or too much room for people to draw the wrong conclusions. Racism is everywhere. Its human nature to divide ourselves and create "otherness". At least in the US we admit to our weaknesses and don't try to pretend that the problems don't exist because they do, but as long as people need to feel better about themselves at the expense of others it will continue...just like the shootings in Malmö.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sense of North LoveQuilt
Its almost time for me to relax. Today was the presentation of the Sense of North export to Japan marketing plan. It went well, although I wish we could have had more information from the manufacturer but otherwise it was well received by our class and our teacher. Our class voted for the group that would be chosen to present at our Export Event next Tuesday and since our group gave away all of our votes to the other groups, we are free!

Now we can focus on putting together our final report which I would like to present to Maria and Anders in person. I would also like to continue working on this project. I am so inspired by Sense of North, there is so much potential in the product, that its almost a shame to allow it to go back up on some shelf. I wonder if it is possible or if everyone is equally as excited as I am. It would seem so never know.

At the very least, I had a fantastic time working with my group and have cultivated friendships that will last for a long time. This would not have been an enjoyable experience if I had joined the wrong group but it seems that the right people all gravitated to each other.

I can feel the pressure releasing!