Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Snack

And like always focusing on someone else makes me feel better. I thought thy I would offer the girls some juicy oranges to snack on. For Olivia this would be the first time eating oranges and she Loves them!!

Kyana not so sucky in Sweden 

Oh well...Today sucks!

Still no luck on the house. In the back of my mind I wonder what the hell we were thinking when we took this on. I am tired, frustrated, disappointed and ready to throw in the towel. If I could, I would say that we just continue and let Mable finish out the school year in Stockholm. There are places around Jönköping where I just don't want to live but I still might wind up there anyway.... 
Everyone always thinks I am so strong and "inspirational" well that is bullshit. I'm not strong I'm a grown up and I understood from an early age that life is tough. Today, we are playing pajama party because I literally do not have the physical strength for very much more. 
I hate this... Moving sucks! Starting over sucks. Living apart from my husband sucks. Wintertime in Sweden sucks. Living alone with my children sucks... Trying to answer questions about what I'm going to do in Jönköping sucks.. Grey clouds suck.. This man cave sucks, the beds here sucks.....Bahh!!! 
There the rant is over and now....

Kyana sucks in Sweden 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scenes from this week in Jönköping

So far... So good! #jkpg 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Decided to spend Sportlov in Jönköping

Saturday morning we drove to Öland to visit Daniel's mother. She had not seen the children since October so a visit was long overdue. The weather was beautiful and I even had a chance to wear my #forever21 sunglasses! Do you like them?
We only spent one night because there was a really interesting house shown in Jönköping the next day.

 We loved the house. Tons of room. Minimal work needed. Spacious kitchen beautiful view of Vättern. Everything! So......... who knows there may be a resolution to this long distance situation.  
Mable is off for Sportlov so we decided to camp out in Daniel's man cave for a week. I would much rather bunk up with the girls and have the family together  in the evenings than be alone in Stockholm. But it is small.... 

 Will we make it? Of course! We are together and that is the most important thing.. Luckily we are close to town and the lake so we will be able to pass the time with one nice outting everyday. I'll try to post pics!
P.s.. Thanks for everyone's encouraging words the support really helps!  

Ok... the Girls need me now....


Kyana in Sweden

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daily Routine

Here is my morning routine: 
6:45- wake up and get the troops out of bed. 
7:05-7:20- breakfast 
7:20-7:40 get Mable dressed and packed for school. 
7:40-7:50- Double check Mable is prepared, wash morning dishes, take two sips of coffee 
7:55- Mable is out the door 
8:00- Mable security call from designated check point
8:02- Backup wake up service call to Daniel
8:05- Morning nap/ snuggle with Olivia

Well... This usually lasts until 10am but around 8:55am Daniel calls to tell me that the Maintenance Dudes are coming by to check the leaky pipe in the shower and I can expect them to arrive at the earliest 9am! 


Olivia wakes up grumpy because nap time has been disturbed but we make ourselves presentable to receive guests and we wait. 

Maintenance Dudes arrive.. Take a look and tell me that they will have to call a plumber because this is "over their heads". 

Oh really? 


The day has started......

Hugs Everyone! 

Kyana in Sweden

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Has Come and Gone

What you see here are my bouquet of tulips I received for Valentines Day. I was actually surprised to get flowers. Things have been in disarray these past weeks with Daniel living in Jönköping and I living with the girls alone. On Fridays all I want from Daniel is just to walk through that door but when we arrived with flowers .... Well, I thought it was wonderful. 
Last week I endured my first bidding war on a house I was convinced was the answer to my prayers. We were both so sure that we would get that house but the price went to high for what the house was worth and we backed out. Admittedly,I was upset. For a moment it felt like this separation was coming to an end and the new chapter of our lives was about to begin but as it turns out.. The hunt continues. 
This weekend we have another showing on an even better house than the one we walked away from... Nothing like buyer's remorse. I wonder if the other buyers regret their decision? Anyway, we have a nice long week in Jönköping with Daniel because Mable will be out of school for Spring Break so it's off to the man cave. 
I am actually looking forward to this.. Some time with the family reunited again. I couldn't ask for more. 

Take care of each other! 


Kyana in Sweden

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Some days we just pile into my bed and hang out. These are the moments I will wish we had more of when my girls are all grown up! 
Be with the ones you love....