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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Can't Wait to Get Back on the Mat

This past week I have been home with my sick 2.5 year old daughter. I have also been sick. My cold symptoms did not come immediately I had two days where I felt fine and so I would work out in the mornings just to get my mind and body prepared to spend a long day with my sick baby. Suddenly I would feel like I was about to catch a cold then I would be fine ...I would work out then boom.....I was sick again. I have decided to give up working out for a few days and just focus on rest. I feel disappointed that week 11 of my journey is spent in rest mode...I fear losing momentum. I fear losing all the progress I have made. I fear going backwards so this fear leads to anxiety and the anxiety makes me antsy which makes me want to work out more. Are you starting to feel the stress level gradually increase...all the while I am home with my 2.5 year old who is sick. So there you go...I have to figure out a way to handle this in a productive what do I do?

I search for workout videos on Youtube...whooo hooo!!! LOL...don't judge me...I am just trying to keep my motivation up and the stress down. So...there are two Youtube clips from Dance Fitness with Jessica that I want to share with you.

1. 3.00 minutes of dance fitness to Justin Bieber's Sorry..which is my favorite on my cardio playlist....I'm kinda obsessed. Jessica published this clip on January 28th so it is very recent...I can't wait to try it out!

2. The second clip is again Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean with cheorography from Dance Fitness with Jessica...I am a bit behind so this clip was first published on Jessica's channel October last year but its still a great song, fun cheorography and another cardio challenge I can't wait to master.

A little more on Jessica you can sign up for her live stream classes to receive exclusive and on-demand access to some dance fitness routines at:

Make sure to check it I feel a bit better.....remember its all about taking responsibility for how we feel and accepting who we are. Its about trying to become our true selves and constantly educating, challenging, motivating and centering ourselves....well, at least for me.

Welcome Back!