Saturday, February 17, 2018

Swedish Tourism: Try Swedish- Food Culture

Hi Everyone! 

As you know from reading my blog I love sharing videos from Sweden. I love it so much here that I want to share not only my own experiences but a bit of culture and hopefully in my own little way contribute to an increase in Swedish tourism! 

Beware of the winter months!

I wanted to share this beautifully shot video by the tourism site VisitSweden

First published in 2015, this video is an invitation to experience Swedish culinary culture.



Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ask yourself, what would Mark Watney do?

Mark Watney from The Martian

Friday, January 26, 2018

Time to tell the truth

It's about time for me to catch you up on what's been happening for the past few years. First of all, I am no longer a student at Jönköping University. I did not feel that it would be possible for me to continue my education at an institution that so blatantly cares so little for certain students. I was shook and devastated by the lack of feedback or even belief in what I had achieved in a two year period by the faculty. My questioning of their assessment ultimately resulted in a cloud of suspicion over all of my academic work...and the only feedback I received was to "speak better swedish" all this just to prove that the administration was correct in their biased assessment of my work and abilities.

Following my teacher training and after fighting to meet with someone who could explain to me why I was being treated this way, I made the decision to take a year off from studies in order to figure out what my next move might be. However, by the beginning of the new school year I was offered a substitute teacher position at the school where I did my internship and the rest is history.

First I began working as a student assistent with a student who has ADHD and then I worked as a substitute in a few classes doing really simple tasks like showing Lil Aktuellt thereafter leading a discussion with the class about the topics covered. Then I started working with another student who needed support but only as needed while then working as a substitute in another class. What a phenomenal opportunity for me to gain experience as a teacher but also as an student assistent which after this year is where I feel I would like to continue to develop.

So the time has come for me to notify the university if I will be returning to school or not and with no doubt in my mind the answer will be NO!!

The morale of this story is that when you look within for guidance opportunities will fall into place and its okay to have boundaries and demand to be treated with respect. Thanks but no thanks...I will stay in the sunshine!

Stay woke!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Laleh- Didaktik idea

Just collecting a great video idea for a future English class. Laleh sings the song in Swedish but the subtitles are shown in English. A great way for the students to practice using subtitles as a strategy for language acquisition. I also like the strong message of independence and of being original. There is so much bullying in schools right now. In fact, there are many campaigns presently active in Sweden right now. So many young people do not feel good mentally/emotionally and especially internet bullying or cyber bullying is rampant. Anything to help my future students feel better and LEARN!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Ultimate Flat-Belly Smoothie Bowl | GLOW

Check out how to make the "Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl"! I'm super excited to try this one out! Looks DELICIOUS! THanks PopSugar Fitness for helping me stay on track!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Can't Wait to Get Back on the Mat

This past week I have been home with my sick 2.5 year old daughter. I have also been sick. My cold symptoms did not come immediately I had two days where I felt fine and so I would work out in the mornings just to get my mind and body prepared to spend a long day with my sick baby. Suddenly I would feel like I was about to catch a cold then I would be fine ...I would work out then boom.....I was sick again. I have decided to give up working out for a few days and just focus on rest. I feel disappointed that week 11 of my journey is spent in rest mode...I fear losing momentum. I fear losing all the progress I have made. I fear going backwards so this fear leads to anxiety and the anxiety makes me antsy which makes me want to work out more. Are you starting to feel the stress level gradually increase...all the while I am home with my 2.5 year old who is sick. So there you go...I have to figure out a way to handle this in a productive what do I do?

I search for workout videos on Youtube...whooo hooo!!! LOL...don't judge me...I am just trying to keep my motivation up and the stress down. So...there are two Youtube clips from Dance Fitness with Jessica that I want to share with you.

1. 3.00 minutes of dance fitness to Justin Bieber's Sorry..which is my favorite on my cardio playlist....I'm kinda obsessed. Jessica published this clip on January 28th so it is very recent...I can't wait to try it out!

2. The second clip is again Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean with cheorography from Dance Fitness with Jessica...I am a bit behind so this clip was first published on Jessica's channel October last year but its still a great song, fun cheorography and another cardio challenge I can't wait to master.

A little more on Jessica you can sign up for her live stream classes to receive exclusive and on-demand access to some dance fitness routines at:

Make sure to check it I feel a bit better.....remember its all about taking responsibility for how we feel and accepting who we are. Its about trying to become our true selves and constantly educating, challenging, motivating and centering ourselves....well, at least for me.

Welcome Back!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

From Activity to Advocacy

I can't believe that I just erased my previous post. I take that as a sign from the universe that what I was saying was making no sense at all. ...allow we to begin again. So, first off....MassageBebis Sweden has gone from being a mobile massage therapy service to actually being about advocating massage and mindfulness practices in the classroom. I haven't lived in Jönköping very long and I decided to start my company almost as soon as I moved here. That was a big mistake for me...I placed so much pressure on myself to get to know my surroundings and start networking that I didnt think about the consequences of applying to Jönköping University and what full time studies would mean for my life. 
I don't think that I expected to get accepted into the teacher program or expect to make it past the first semester, honestly....I had no idea if I would be able to successfully study in my second language...well, here we are.....the beginning of my second semester and I feel strong and ready to focus more on my concentration which is Swedish, English and Matematics. So with this in mind I have switched from active massage to advocating massage and mindfulness in the classroom. My observations are that the calm environment of the schools I attended are not what the average student experience. Teachers are challenged by students who have hectic lives outside of matter what the reason...sitting down and listening quietly to your teacher is a thing of the past. In fact, the new curriculum calls for students to be more involved so teachers have to learn how to share power in that space. 
Massage and mindfulness have a function in the lives of everyone....of course I am biased...but wouldnt it be interesting to learn more about how massage and mindfulness practices are being incorporated into the classroom. For many students, school is an escape perhaps the only space that makes them feel safe or at least on the level of everyone else. I believe that massage/mindfulness practice can help create that safe space which is benefical to the learning process as well. So I will use these posts and recreate this website to reflect what I am interested in the most...helping children find their calm. 
On a personal level, due to the stress unresolved issues with anxiety began to resurface. At first I had no idea what I would do and I began to feel very bad. Two different professors, after speaking with me about school related topics, took the opportunity to express their concern for my wellbeing. One professor basically said that I needed to start working out. She said being in a state of constant stress and worry basically meant that I was in fight or flight mode all the time and my cognitive functioning was impaired. I was moved by the fact that both professors took the time to speak with me about something as sensitive as my mental health. I took that as a sign from the universe and from there I started my mental health weapon of choice being...exercise. So, since this all relates so much to what motivates me the most ...I will include some posts about that journey as well. I think it will be an interesting combination and perhaps you will be able to learn about me as I write my posts as a way to learn more about myself...if that makes sense. from activitity to we go!
Thanks for reading.