Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Response

I have been doing my homework!

What did  you think, that I have forgotten about my new quest to find out more about which groups are working together to fight racism in Sweden?

No way, MAN!!

Today I started my journey. I have decided to start with the organization Quick Response.

This organization examines how the media covers issues like immigration, integration and xenophobia ..its a great start!

Check it out:

Tolerance Say No To Racism

Triwa's Watch Tolerance
For each watch sold 400kr will be donated to Young People Against Racism
Triwa's Tolerance 995:-

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Long Black Skirt!

JOY!!! I have finally purchased my long black skirt. Immediately after summer I started to see long black skirts everywhere in magazines and I am sure that the fashion forward knew about the long black skirt even sooner but I have been wanting one for ever.

The reality is I have waiting for HM to sell my beloved skirt. I only found the long black sun dresses there but not the actual skirt so today was the day to hunt for one. Well, I knew that HM had them in their stores because they recently sent out their newest catalogue and I found it in the LOGG section. When I went into the store I was dismayed by the fact that the skirt was like 9 inches too long. It was literally hanging on a hanger that was taller then I am and it fell all the way to the floor. I was heartbroken. At least HM could offer a petite section because not all Swedes are 7 feet tall. Right?? Anyway, my good friend Anna suggested we go and try Indiska whose clothes I have loved forever but find that they can be a bit too tribal looking on me. Other brands I love but can't wear are Gundrun Sjöden and Odd just doesn't work. Anyway, we went to Indiska and I found my skirt and I tried it on because there is always the risk of looking like a mermaid but the cut was perfect and now I own a long black shirt. I have come home and have put it on!! I am happy!
Sample of Gundrun Sjöden!! I love the clothes but its too much for me. I can't pull it off!

Picture of the HM long black skirt that I wanted!! TOO LONG! 

I love ODD Molly as well and I love this dress and the color but it would be a complete mess on me!! Eller??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mable showing signs of vegetarianism

Its amazing how fast it takes for me to burn rice. My Granny says that I should use Uncle Ben's but I seem to burn that too. I have accepted my rice handicap and only use Jasmine because it still tastes good when its a bit burnt.

Anyway, wanted to post these pictures of Mable who has overnight become my little "big girl". I made lamb stew the other night. I wouldn't say that Mable is a finnicky eater but she absolutely refused to eat it. It was delicious by the way...

Fine....Pierre said that he would make Mable a fruit salad but instead of saying just ok, she offered to make it herself....Check it out!

Mable making fruit salad
Fruit Salad ala Mable
I worry that the child might be a vegetarian!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Its time to get was my first day of really focused studies. Next friday its all about International Marketing....I don't like studying for tests anymore. I break out, chain smoke (don't tell Pierre) and crave sweets. Its just a vicious cycle. When will it end???

I have an interview next week.
Am I excited?

I can't help but think its just another chance to exploit the Kee Kee. I'll be excited when I sign the paperwork.  This will be my third internship, I hope something the meantime I am working on my contingency plan. Oh yes....another degree.

Logistisk och Marknadsföring...Logistics and Marketing

God help me!

Don't tell Pierre.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bad Case of Nerves

You might not know this but I am in my final year of international sales and marketing studies. Tommorrow my group will give a presentation on chapter 3-5 in our textbook. I feel nervous about it. Somehow, I feel responsible for the group. I worry that my part won't be clear and no one will understand what I am trying to explain or why we decided to divide the work up the way we did. I hate having anxiety. Is that the same as adrenaline? I also feel full of energy. I feel much better about school then I did last semester. I felt that I was wasting my time and it isn't so much that I feel more confident in what I am learning will prepare me for this amazing career but I am confident that of will prepare me for my next step, whatever that is. That is a whole other subject. Tonight I will try to remain calm, think positive about tomorrow. That is all I have for you tonight. Overall life is good if this is what I have to worry about.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reklamfilm från banverket

The first time I watched this commercial was one year ago, during a visit to Malmö, I was sitting on the couch talking to my sister-in-law about gardening. Then this commerical came on. How many commercials are powerful enough that you never forget the first time you see them?

WishList Item

New find at only 125kr designed by Lisbeth Dahl
I love this little bottle. If only I had the proper place to store it!