Monday, February 24, 2014

Decided to spend Sportlov in Jönköping

Saturday morning we drove to Öland to visit Daniel's mother. She had not seen the children since October so a visit was long overdue. The weather was beautiful and I even had a chance to wear my #forever21 sunglasses! Do you like them?
We only spent one night because there was a really interesting house shown in Jönköping the next day.

 We loved the house. Tons of room. Minimal work needed. Spacious kitchen beautiful view of Vättern. Everything! So......... who knows there may be a resolution to this long distance situation.  
Mable is off for Sportlov so we decided to camp out in Daniel's man cave for a week. I would much rather bunk up with the girls and have the family together  in the evenings than be alone in Stockholm. But it is small.... 

 Will we make it? Of course! We are together and that is the most important thing.. Luckily we are close to town and the lake so we will be able to pass the time with one nice outting everyday. I'll try to post pics!
P.s.. Thanks for everyone's encouraging words the support really helps!  

Ok... the Girls need me now....


Kyana in Sweden