Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daily Routine

Here is my morning routine: 
6:45- wake up and get the troops out of bed. 
7:05-7:20- breakfast 
7:20-7:40 get Mable dressed and packed for school. 
7:40-7:50- Double check Mable is prepared, wash morning dishes, take two sips of coffee 
7:55- Mable is out the door 
8:00- Mable security call from designated check point
8:02- Backup wake up service call to Daniel
8:05- Morning nap/ snuggle with Olivia

Well... This usually lasts until 10am but around 8:55am Daniel calls to tell me that the Maintenance Dudes are coming by to check the leaky pipe in the shower and I can expect them to arrive at the earliest 9am! 


Olivia wakes up grumpy because nap time has been disturbed but we make ourselves presentable to receive guests and we wait. 

Maintenance Dudes arrive.. Take a look and tell me that they will have to call a plumber because this is "over their heads". 

Oh really? 


The day has started......

Hugs Everyone! 

Kyana in Sweden