Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Has Come and Gone

What you see here are my bouquet of tulips I received for Valentines Day. I was actually surprised to get flowers. Things have been in disarray these past weeks with Daniel living in Jönköping and I living with the girls alone. On Fridays all I want from Daniel is just to walk through that door but when we arrived with flowers .... Well, I thought it was wonderful. 
Last week I endured my first bidding war on a house I was convinced was the answer to my prayers. We were both so sure that we would get that house but the price went to high for what the house was worth and we backed out. Admittedly,I was upset. For a moment it felt like this separation was coming to an end and the new chapter of our lives was about to begin but as it turns out.. The hunt continues. 
This weekend we have another showing on an even better house than the one we walked away from... Nothing like buyer's remorse. I wonder if the other buyers regret their decision? Anyway, we have a nice long week in Jönköping with Daniel because Mable will be out of school for Spring Break so it's off to the man cave. 
I am actually looking forward to this.. Some time with the family reunited again. I couldn't ask for more. 

Take care of each other! 


Kyana in Sweden