Monday, January 13, 2014

Back in the saddle

We survived our recent holiday trip to the States. I am usually much more of a wreck when I return to Sweden but there is so much that I am thankful and grateful for that there is literally no time to be sad.  

#lufthansa #greatservice #Frankfurt

The family is still in recovery from the time difference so I am focusing on getting the girls readjusted to Swedish time. 
Daniel is back at work and actually going on a showing tonight for a house in Jönköping. I hate that our family is separated during the week. It is difficult for us all. One thing that I took away from spending time with my family is a renewed energy and stocked up on the positive vibes that I need to live so far away and maintain my drive. Life abroad is difficult but I have made my choice. In this situation there is only one option and it's clearly to choose happiness. Nice to be back home! 

How did you spend your holidays? 

Write me back! 



P.s the showing revealed that the house was not what we wanted after all.