Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby I'll Be Your Shelter

Today I needed Quiet time with a capital "Q" and I got it. I woke up at 4:00am and drank my daily lemon tea. I folded clothes and watched television. Once the baby started to stir I realized that I would soon need to return to bed but I revelled in my 30 minutes of peace and quiet.
Later on... 
I needed more special Kyana time and simply popped some popcorn and gave my husband the signal.. I needed to retreat and so I did. I watched my new favorite show and after 2 episodes I felt rejuvenated but decided that I needed additional special creativity time. 
I decided that it was time to collage my workbook with inspirational images. And what you see are the first of my new series of inspirational journaling. After clipping out images from 3 magazines waiting to be recycled I reemerged as a happy relaxed Mommy. The majority of the week I am there for everyone and today I was there for myself! #shedidthat

Have a wonderful weekend!