Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stop studying...just stop!!

Method to my madness
Pierre calls me everyday around lunch time just to see how I am doing...isn't that cute??
Anyway, he knows that I am sitting here studying for an exam that yesterday I felt alot more positive about than today. I am taking a business law class which is an introduction to domestic and international laws that I may run into to once I am unleashed onto the swedish job market. The amount of papers and information is overwhelming and I am praying that my teacher will, quite frankly, keep it simple. Its not a class which I will recieve academic points for but my teacher's approach is to make it as comprehensive as possible. The only positive is that I been so absorbed in my studies that I have not really noticed the weather. The key to winter in Sweden is staying as busy as possible so that when the sun goes down at like 4pm you don't feel like its time to go to bed. Anyway, Pierre has told me to close my books and sit and relax a bit before going to pick up the munchkin, so that is what I intend to do.
Earlier I did a little recording from the Kee Kee Kam so here it is, I apologize in advance for the bad quality.