Monday, September 13, 2010

Mable showing signs of vegetarianism

Its amazing how fast it takes for me to burn rice. My Granny says that I should use Uncle Ben's but I seem to burn that too. I have accepted my rice handicap and only use Jasmine because it still tastes good when its a bit burnt.

Anyway, wanted to post these pictures of Mable who has overnight become my little "big girl". I made lamb stew the other night. I wouldn't say that Mable is a finnicky eater but she absolutely refused to eat it. It was delicious by the way...

Fine....Pierre said that he would make Mable a fruit salad but instead of saying just ok, she offered to make it herself....Check it out!

Mable making fruit salad
Fruit Salad ala Mable
I worry that the child might be a vegetarian!