Friday, September 24, 2010

The Long Black Skirt!

JOY!!! I have finally purchased my long black skirt. Immediately after summer I started to see long black skirts everywhere in magazines and I am sure that the fashion forward knew about the long black skirt even sooner but I have been wanting one for ever.

The reality is I have waiting for HM to sell my beloved skirt. I only found the long black sun dresses there but not the actual skirt so today was the day to hunt for one. Well, I knew that HM had them in their stores because they recently sent out their newest catalogue and I found it in the LOGG section. When I went into the store I was dismayed by the fact that the skirt was like 9 inches too long. It was literally hanging on a hanger that was taller then I am and it fell all the way to the floor. I was heartbroken. At least HM could offer a petite section because not all Swedes are 7 feet tall. Right?? Anyway, my good friend Anna suggested we go and try Indiska whose clothes I have loved forever but find that they can be a bit too tribal looking on me. Other brands I love but can't wear are Gundrun Sjöden and Odd just doesn't work. Anyway, we went to Indiska and I found my skirt and I tried it on because there is always the risk of looking like a mermaid but the cut was perfect and now I own a long black shirt. I have come home and have put it on!! I am happy!
Sample of Gundrun Sjöden!! I love the clothes but its too much for me. I can't pull it off!

Picture of the HM long black skirt that I wanted!! TOO LONG! 

I love ODD Molly as well and I love this dress and the color but it would be a complete mess on me!! Eller??