Friday, June 17, 2011

New Job New Life

Well, as usual I am forced to begin my blog post with an apology to my readers for not checking in for a few weeks. Things have been happening so fast ....I have officially graduated from my international sales and marketing program. I have been offered a job at MyNewsDesk as their new international web sales executive and I am the marketing manager for BrasilCine in Sweden.

I am thrilled!!

It has been a long journey. I have been so so close to giving up but I knew that I would be denying myself of the possibility of this moment and all the emotions what I am feeling right now. I haven't been this optimistic about the future since the birth of my daughter.

It continues to be difficult for me to fully express how excited I am about graduation and my job. It feels so unreal at times but of one thing I am certain ..I AM READY!