Sunday, April 10, 2011

Görväln Nature Reserve

If you ask me,  this was the first real Springtime weekend so our family hit the woods! This adventure takes place in Görväln  Nature Reserve which is located in the Järfälla Kommun. It was a beautiful day and the perfect backdrop for a family outting!

Mälaren- the last traces of ice

Mable loves being in the woods!


The Loves of my LIFE

Happy Kee Kee

Mable loves the water no matter how cold it is!

Can't get better than that!

In Stockholm you are really close to nature at least if you live away from the city center. We spend our free time in nature, fresh air and no crowds...together.

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  1. Ohhhh eran dotter är så söt!

    I love the nature here in Sweden.. it's very peaceful. Best thing is that there barley any snakes around! I don't do snakes at all.

    I really like that people is allowed to go wherever they please in nature as long as they don't destroy anything here in Sweden..

  2. Kyana,

    You and your family are beautiful. I almost had an opportunity to be another American woman living in Sweden. However, the Uppsala International Master's program was too expensive without a scholarship. However, I may reapply next year. I hope all is well for you. Take care.

  3. Hi! Thank you for the kind words! We love living in Sweden. I hope you get the opportunity to visit Stockholm. I recommend the summer! Thank you for reading my blog and responding!



  4. You guys are so cute and the happiness is tangible. :) Dreads are coming in gr8 I can see. Fab!

  5. Hey Viajera! I LLLUUUUUUVVVV my dreads! They are amazing! The dreads are totally starting to settle. I love Sweden when its warm. I am originally from Florida so now..this is when I come to life. We are having a great time! Thanks for reading and responding!