Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love living in Stockholm. Recently we were the victims for a terrorist attack in the city's center. The overall feeling is one of disbelief, that something like that could happen in Sweden. I share that feeling as well. As if the images on the news are taken from a scene from a movie and not real life.

I don't know if I find it less shocking because of my experience of September 11th in New York. Listening to the news reports on the radio and being bombarded with images of the Twin Towers collapse over and over again left me feeling a bit numb. Although I was not living in New York at the time, I felt a connection and a fear that I had never known.

I will not avoid going into the center of Stockholm, taking the subway or living my life. I will not suspect people of being terrorist because they look a certain way. I can't allow that to happen. It doesn't mean that the seeds of uncertainty have not been planted because they have but I will not be controlled by hate which is a manifestation of fear.

Enjoy this Video taken from Visit Sweden's channel on YouTube!

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