Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THe Weather Report Said....

Winter Morning in Råcksta

The weather in Sweden is extreme to say the least....people talk about the weather all the time and when you have such variety in weather ...its actually possible to discuss weather at length.
So, last night they showed the map of Sweden just covered by this snow storm which I am not sure is moving in from the East or coming from the will snow for three days, NON STOP!!
Oh yes, let me clarify when I say snow you might imagine large fluttering fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky like cottonballs from a sugar coated heaven...

This isn't that..

Its flurries of tiny ice rocks that fly right into your eyes...your nose is running and your butt is numb...its awful.

Mable loves the winter and inspires me to see the positive side of it...she is my little Viking
At least I have a cute jacket though- one of my latest purchases from Zara!
Its like 4pm in the picture! We won't get into the winter darkness issue.....