Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

In a few days I will return to the States to celebrate Christmas and New year with my family. I can't wait! The last time I was home was over a year ago which is not that bad really. I think the longest time that I have spent away from home was two years, that was painful.

I am looking forward to so many things but mostly its just listening to the wonderful sounds of my family, mostly women who are very close to laughter. There is so much life in my Grandmother's house and I will get a chance to soak it in and recharge for the coming year.

My daughter understands what I mean as well although its difficult for her to describe it. She just says that at Grandma's house everything is "buzzy" and then she twirls around.

There are so many things that I want to do but just the mundane things like going to the grocery store will be fun for me.

I miss the States constantly but never as much as I do, just a few days before I get to go back. You see, I understand that I live abroad now. I understand that I won't be able to visit with my Family as much as I would like. If I try to remain in two places at once I would very soon go crazy.

Sweden is a beautiful second home to me that has given me so much- its not a simple case of the US versus Sweden..its much more complex now.

I am happy to have both but I am really happy that I get to focus on the US just a bit more for a few weeks as least!

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Gotland in the Summer

My very first trip to Sweden was in 1998 or 1999. I remember they were building the bridge that links Copenhagen to Malmö then. We took the ferry over to Sweden from Denmark and drove home to Blekinge. During that trip I was lucky enough to visit Gotland. It really was a magical place. Something almost unsettling about it really. Its a beautiful island, full of history and culture. Well, except for a certain week in the summer..then the twenty-somethings from Stockholm invade and then its all about the party!!!
But...surprisingly enough not many people I meet have actually had a chance to visit Gotland, so if you are planning a trip to Sweden, try to visit Gotland...its amazing!

Enjoy the video



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sweden in the Fall

Stockholm is breathtaking this season. If my memory is correct it was already winter around this time last year. I almost don't remember a Fall, like this one .. So beautiful with the reds, yellows and orange colors that seem to be glowing or burning.
It's never easy to lose daylight now that the days are getting shorter but what a beautiful sight to behold- if only for a few hours!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stockholm Vacation Destination- Hotel J

I had to share this with you all because I think it looks fabulous!
If you haven't decided to come and visit Stockholm for yourself let this be some inspiration for you.
Every once in a while I visit the Jetsetter website just to see what new destinations they have discovered and this hotel is actually located in the heart of Stockholm. It looks amazing and since I live in Stockholm I don't really stay in hotels but with the nature and the scenery it would be easy to "play tourist" in my own town and just have a little getaway close to home. 
On my list of things to do is to visit Hotel J and just escape, at least for one night and preferably in the summertime. 

The location is amazing, only 15 minutes away from Gamla Stan (Old Town) and views of Djurgården Island......Nice!

Check it out for yourself at http://www.hotelj.com/ 
Lobby at Hotel J- Source www.jetsetter.com

Guest Room at Hotel J- Source www.jetsetter.com
Obviously I have to do this!

So, are you planning your Stockholm vacation next summer?

You might see me!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

From July- Mable's birthday trip!

Mable in her travel mode...we are off to Kolmåden for her birthday but we didn't tell her that

We arrive at our destination, only a few hours south of Stockholm

Mable was not inspired to go jungle she just wanted to be a nice sweet little doggie!

Lots of cool animals, ok its a poster but I only have my Iphone with me people!

Myself looking smug and feeling like the best Mommy in the world...Well, according to Mable!

Bam! Light's out little one..Happy Birthday- Mable 7 years old

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Makes a Capital??

One week of vacation is better than none!

This year I had one week of vacation so we decided to take to the woods and just relax, be a family and enjoy being together...here are the highlights!

Grilling, walks in the woods, fishing, swimming and peace of mind! That is what we got this summer!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Surprise Visit

It has been so long since I have written anything that I feel that I have lost practice...what is this blog all about anyway? Its about my life in Sweden...right!  Ok....let me show you what has been going on..

Andrea and Mable meet for the first time
One random afternoon I get a message on Facebook that my dear friend Andrea (crazy Italian man) would be coming into town on business and wanted my address. Totally out of blue I realize that Andrea will be meeting my little Mable for the first time. I start to think, "how is this possible"? How can I have a friendship that I cherish so much and not meet with this person for years. Although in this particular case I did see Andrea last year...but before that we hadn't met for like eight years or something and we immediately clicked right back into gear. I have never met his children either and this friendship is not the only one of its kind for me...so how do friendships like these withstand the test of time?

First, they have to be real friendships. Obviously, we were really close but I have lost a few along the way and its sad but oh, I don't know..I think Facebook is the answer. I have been able to watch children grow up through pictures and have shared holidays and birthdays and arrivals of new siblings through Facebook and for the others not on Facebook then just good old fashion cards and email and the occasional the phone call.

So what's the point with this post? True friendships never die? Everyone knows that but this picture is like proof that its true. One random afternoon I get a message on Facebook that my dear long lost friend was coming into town on business and he wanted my address and he finally got to meet my Mable, after all these years.  And on that day I didn't feel so far away from home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midsummer Update

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to check in and tell everyone that we had a great time on Öland for Midsummer this year. I took lots of photos but I don't have the time this evening to upload them. This picture was taken this morning at work. I am sitting at my desk and behind me you see the eating area and the stairs that lead up to the roof terrace. It was so warm today that during our "speed dating" session I had to move to the shade because I was slowly melting like a little fudge pop! The "speed dating" was actually a part of our training day that is designated to finding people that we have not met and asking them questions about work, life, inspiration, whatever. I think that its a great way to break the ice and really start to build the team from early on.

Highlights of my job so far? Well, to be perfectly honest this is DAY 2 of my two week training so this is the honeymoon period. The hard sales work has not started but I am really looking forward to it. After working on my pitch I realize that there are parts of the sales process that I need to refresh myself on but honestly, my nerves got the best of me. Luckily, I didn't walk away from the exercise totally deflated. I heard tons of great feedback from my boss and also from my co-worker. I welcome open and honest feedback especially when I know that I can take what is being said and just become a better person or employee or whatever from it. So, do I still like it? Oh yes! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the right company for me. I know that this is the right field for me to be working in.
This evening I am getting to know my computer. I have switched from PC to Mac and quite frankly it is a bit more difficult than I had imagined. I have to admit, there is a certain logic to the way a Mac works but anyway...This computer will become like another appendage and very soon I will not be able to live without it.

I promise that it won't take me very long to upload the photos from Midsummer. I used Instagram on some of them because I love the cool filter effects. The Instagram filters make me seem like a much better photographer than I am. Fake it till ya make it!

Let me know how you spent your Midsummer and where....we might have been at the same place and didn't even know it.


Kyana in Sweden

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Job New Life

Well, as usual I am forced to begin my blog post with an apology to my readers for not checking in for a few weeks. Things have been happening so fast ....I have officially graduated from my international sales and marketing program. I have been offered a job at MyNewsDesk as their new international web sales executive and I am the marketing manager for BrasilCine in Sweden.

I am thrilled!!

It has been a long journey. I have been so so close to giving up but I knew that I would be denying myself of the possibility of this moment and all the emotions what I am feeling right now. I haven't been this optimistic about the future since the birth of my daughter.

It continues to be difficult for me to fully express how excited I am about graduation and my job. It feels so unreal at times but of one thing I am certain ..I AM READY!