Saturday, April 30, 2011

Valborg 2011 i Parkleken Ådalen - Traditionellt valborgsmässofirande och majbrasa med körsång, rockband och uppträdanden

Valborg 2011 i Parkleken Ådalen - Traditionellt valborgsmässofirande och majbrasa med körsång, rockband och uppträdanden: "Ett av många gratis evenemang på"

In Sweden, Valborgsmässofirande celebrates the return of Spring and pagans celebrate Beltane. Sweden has proudly held on to its pagan roots and this is the perfect example. Beltane is celebrated on April 30th and is a very important festival on the pagan calender. The simplest way to explain Beltane would be to describe it as the polar opposite of Samhain or Halloween. During Samhain the emphasis is placed on death or a time to remember those who have passed away. On the other hand, Beltane is about celebrating the end of winter and the return of Spring, a fertility festival. This brings to mind another celebration of rebirth and maybe images of bunnies and eggs.

Anyway, this evening there will be a fire burning close to our home. There will be a concert and activities for the children as well and if you wondered,  that is where you will find me. I will be there celebrating life, love and keeping the memories of the harsh Swedish winter at bay by the warmth of the bale fire!

Round and round
Merrily we go,
Singing hip-a-cherry,
Dancing as we go.
All the happy children
Upon the village green,
Sitting in the sunshine,
Hurrah for the Queen.
-A traditional English children's song



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stockholm Smile

Just a cool video clip of Stockholm!!!

Görväln Nature Reserve

If you ask me,  this was the first real Springtime weekend so our family hit the woods! This adventure takes place in Görväln  Nature Reserve which is located in the Järfälla Kommun. It was a beautiful day and the perfect backdrop for a family outting!

Mälaren- the last traces of ice

Mable loves being in the woods!


The Loves of my LIFE

Happy Kee Kee

Mable loves the water no matter how cold it is!

Can't get better than that!

In Stockholm you are really close to nature at least if you live away from the city center. We spend our free time in nature, fresh air and no crowds...together.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Nordic Gardening Show

Nordiska Trädgårdar 24-26 Mars 2011

I have to tell you dear readers that I had been looking forward to this event for the entire year. I love gardening and when I say that I love gardening its like a physical need to get out and get dirty and sweaty. The Nordiska Trädgårdar is a place to get inspiration for your garden after the long long long winter. Its almost impossible to imagine what Sweden is capable of in the middle of February but I tell you it can be heaven on earth. My allotment is my own private piece of heaven where I grow squash, collard greens, potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. This year we will have stockros and sunflowers and maybe we will try to grow strawberries.

Here are some photos from the mässan and of course a YouTube clip!

Happy Kyana finally here!!
Even Lil Elephant made it! Mable secretly enjoyed herself, she hung in there for 4 hours..I will make a little gardener out of her yet!

  Every expert on every type of plant, bush, grass, flower, or vegetable that can be grown so far up North was present and really open to question and super interested in finding out where I was from. The location was huge and they even had room for home interior gardening exhibits here are some of my favorites:
I would love to have a room like this!!

I love the colors!!If I had a cafe it would look and feel like this!
I just thought this was really sweet. Mable wanted to buy one but if anything ever happened to that plant.......

We had a blast and like I mentioned before we stayed for about 5 hours but I could have stayed much longer. We only got to listen to one really great lecture about growing vegetables and the coolest tip was for plants that need to have a well defined root system when they are ready to be replanted outside. Basically you place the seed in a container but in the middle you place the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll and put the seed in there. Once the roots start to form all you have to do is take the toilet paper root and replant the whole thing outside.....the cardboard part will huh? Maybe not for you but I am such a gardening nerd that I got chills.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Freaky Friday

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Wide Stripe Dress 1495:-
Oh....Today Stockholm was so gray and misty and just really dark and dreary but it wasn't freezing. I didn't have to wear gloves or anything..anyway this will be the summer of the dress and I want this one!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My final week!

Well, I am fast approaching the end of my time as an interviewer. What valuable lessons will I take with me? First, I must never be afraid of just picking up the phone and speaking. Second, I need to always be prepared and third smile while talking on the phone. You really can hear the difference.
I really liked working as an interviewer. I learned to keep myself out of the interview. I learned to listen and not ask questions that influence the speaker. Its really interesting how we manipulate the conversations that we have with other people.
I have met some really nice people as well. I hope to stay in touch with at least two of them. They seem to be really nice women. I have tons of work left to do. Not only do I interview but I transcribe the interviews as well. That is the time consuming part. Tonight I came home early because yesterday we were at the Nordic Gardening Convention and then we went to a birthday party and I am totally exhausted. The time changed and I had an interview this morning!

This morning I had a great interview. I am actually so excited about the project and the company that I will be disappointed if I do not get this job. I will have to grow my company slowly but I have to find a way to support myself otherwise its too much pressure on me and I need time. I want to do this right and I don't want to rush into anything.

Now, I have to crash!

Thanks for reading!



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gudrun Sjödén - 2011 Spring - Wild About Spots - Gudrungalet - Gudrun-Ve...

Gudrun Sjödén just uploaded this clip!! I love the clothes and how her designs give women the chance to dress like girls at any age!

Philips Wake Up The Town

Here is another installment of the Philips Wake Up The Town series...Its touching the way that Philips uses the actual life experiences of the people but interesting how they only show the people waking up in the morning to this glowing lamp. Its quite clever and very good.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Job!!

I haven't really talked about my most recent job interview because it just sort of happened with out me being super prepared or super stressed out about it. Daniel was looking at job ads for people who speak American and he found this market research company. I sent in my CV and they called me back immediately and I set up my interview. Had the interview on Friday and this morning got the email saying they where happy to offer me the position.
I will be conducting market research a.k.a interviews for American companies. Its project based but I am still moving forward with my business plans so having this type of job is perfect!!! HAPPY!!