Friday, February 11, 2011

New Hair Style

 I have decided that I want to have dreadlocks so.....on Wednesday I am having my first consultation! I have always wanted dreads but never had the guts to do it..until now...THE TIME HAS COME!!

I will post a new picture everyday of my dreadlock idol....LISA BONET!!

She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world...I just love her!! is Lisa Bonet dreadlock diva picture number one!!

Lisa Bonet
I do realize the danger of using pictures of Lisa Bonet as an example for what I want my hair to be like. First, of all once I get dreads I still won't look like Lisa Bonet but I love her style and somehow dreads will bring me closer to my authentic self than my hair now. I have always been extreme about my hair. It has been super short to crazy extensions long but with dreads+extension I think it will be closer to what I imagine I look like in reality.

Happy Friday BABIES!!

Today's Outfit!

Everyday I read blogs where people are showing off their fabulous outfit and I say...hej just because I bought my shirt at Intersport for 99kr doesn't mean that it isn't super cute!! Anyway, the jacket is from H&M...I bought it last autumn!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Someone asked me if this blog was a "fashion blog" and my answer was an emphatic NO!! I love fashion but I am a mere spectator. Let me be perfectly honest with you..I am totally not fashion forward. I don't wear heels or makeup or spend more than 10 seconds on my hair. I am a recovering TOMBOY and hate skirts unless they go all the way down to my ankles. I wear a few sizes too big which is isn't flattering to my figure but I do love pretty things. I have a real appreciation for simplicity and that is why I am a huge fan of J.Crew and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair!!

Two major favorites of mine!!

Tonight I want to show you what I would like to wear to work tomorrow if I had it in my closet:

J Crews Vintage Cotton Cowlneck Tee $29.99

Me...write a fashion blog...I don't think so...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning to Trust and other things

I love my job!! I love to sell!! I love the feeling of my heart pounding outta my chest from nerves when I do something new. It hurts but it's a growing pain and it's a way I know that I am actually alive. Today I made a great sales call. I finally understand my product and all my arguments, which I believe in have come together into a cohesive structured sales pitch. I wish people understood how great it feels to sell something you not only believe in but have
developed as well. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
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Still...after a long day..although I love my super comfy pullout couch from IKEA...I wish that I could I a nice big chair to curl up and read in as well.

Maybe something like this???

Fåtölj 336 Svenskt Tenn 24 500:-

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Philips Wake Up The Town - Karolina's story (Arctic Experiment)

I have been following the PHILIPS LIGHT EXPERIMENT campaign on YOUTUBE and think that it is so interesting how they use real people's lives as a way to promote their product. You see Karolina wake up and then watch her as her day unfolds.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kee Kee vs JLO


I am probably so totally late talking about this but I had seen women/ girls/ children walking around Stockholm with this hat and I was forced to get one.

Apparently there is a store on Östermalm that sells them. I can't remember the name so this isn't very informative. I did not find mine on Östermalm but I am never the less just as cute!!!   I purchased my hat at Hollis in Barkaby and it wasn't that much cheaper than the Östermalm version.

Thank you very much!

I apologize for the late report and to anyone against wearing animal fur. I can tell you that no cute cuddly animal was harmed in the manufacturing of my hat, although the fur is real!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorite 1- Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Slim Chino 1195:- Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Ok, so I had another blog where I was going to showcase my favorite things every Thursday but we all know that I am in a much better mood on Fridays. So, we will start with Friday Favs and this outfit, although I only provide info about the pants, is something that I would love love love love to have!!
I kinda have shoes that are similar except for the platform heel/sole...I don't know but make the shoe flat and you get the picture!
Happy Friday Babies!

Product Info:
Tapered Trouser with Classic Creases
100% cotton- washed cotton quality

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Conscious Collection-Sustainable Style at H&M

H&M Press Photo

I love H&M!! My first visit to their store was actually in New York, probably one hundred years ago! Anyway, I am a huge fan so when I read that they where launching a Conscious Collection I got really happy because I knew that it would be in my price range. I have always wanted to buy more clothes that are environmentally friendly but its usually so expensive to do that it is not really an option.

The Conscious Collection will hit all H&M stores mid April and will be a recurring collection that will be featured at different times during the year.

New York 1925 with Etain..check the bag...check the smile!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Amelia Ursache, established her professional name in Stockholm, Sweden, where she now resides.
She has gained experience in the ateliers of Lars Wallin, H&M and Livstycket. Her popularity was hugely boosted by the end of 2003, when she participated in the reality TV series, Fashion House. The show was broadcasted not only throughout Scandinavia but most of Western Europe as well. Amelia demonstrated her creative skills in a highly professional atmosphere and had the opportunity to have her work crtiqued by famous designers such as Valentino, Donatella Versace, Disquared, Antonio Berardi and Costume National.

Amelia is launching her new line METRO NOMAD at Pret-A-Porter in Paris!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fight for my LiFE!

I have decided to quit smoking. This is not one of those times when I say..oh, I need to quit this is serious..I don't want to die. I have decided to use facebook as a way to share my experience with others and get the support that I need to make this lifestyle change. Everyday, I will post another reason that I have to quit smoking. I have posted one reason for everyday that I have not smoked. So far, I am on DAY 4 and its tough. I will probably need to use some type of support like the gums or read a book or something to help me stay on track. Its not easy but I'm a smart girl and I know that smoking is killing me. I have already reorganized my apartment and feel really good about myself. I have started eating a bit more but its good because tons of coffee and cigarettes was not really working out for me anyways.

So, if you would like to follow my campaign to quit smoking then join me on Facebook.

There is a link at the bottom of my page!


KyanainSweden "ex-smoker"