Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching up!

Hi Everyone!

It feels like it has been forever since I have posted anything. There has been so much going on lately and now that I have a moment I can share some of the highlights. As most of you know I am writing my business plan for my company, which I have been stressing out about for the last month or so. I decided to use my final internship period to start a company because I wanted to utilize my time in school and learn about what it means to write a business plan, including financial forecasting, networking and planning. I have learned a tremendous amount and I have grown from the experience. I have benefited from this time learning at my own pace what it takes to start a company in Sweden. I have also made some really interesting connections which I will write more about later on but there are big plans for the summer and next Fall so I will keep you posted on the developments.
  • Business plan/Thesis will be complete and turned in next Wednesday. 
  • Have officially gone into partnership with IGP Publications based in Berlin
  • Its official I will be graduating on June 4th!!!
  • I have started working on another project at Opticom, it would appear that there will be more work for me in the future as well.
  • The Farm is ready for planting....I have already set out squash and rhubarb and my pepper plants are on overdrive!! I have collard greens sprouting in my window.
  • Mable has lost her two front teeth and looks completely adorable.
Baby Squash with a random sunflower in the middle

Will we see onions this year?

Lavender that survived the winter

Mable and Daddy

Monkey Face Chili that grows in my kitchen window..its hot y'all

Olandstok plant that survived the winter...I love the small yellow flowers they have...Will they return?

Pierre planting rhubarb

Monkey Face chili that is ripe!

I promise to write more soon!