Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Nordic Gardening Show

Nordiska Trädgårdar 24-26 Mars 2011

I have to tell you dear readers that I had been looking forward to this event for the entire year. I love gardening and when I say that I love gardening its like a physical need to get out and get dirty and sweaty. The Nordiska Trädgårdar is a place to get inspiration for your garden after the long long long winter. Its almost impossible to imagine what Sweden is capable of in the middle of February but I tell you it can be heaven on earth. My allotment is my own private piece of heaven where I grow squash, collard greens, potatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. This year we will have stockros and sunflowers and maybe we will try to grow strawberries.

Here are some photos from the mässan and of course a YouTube clip!

Happy Kyana finally here!!
Even Lil Elephant made it! Mable secretly enjoyed herself, she hung in there for 4 hours..I will make a little gardener out of her yet!

  Every expert on every type of plant, bush, grass, flower, or vegetable that can be grown so far up North was present and really open to question and super interested in finding out where I was from. The location was huge and they even had room for home interior gardening exhibits here are some of my favorites:
I would love to have a room like this!!

I love the colors!!If I had a cafe it would look and feel like this!
I just thought this was really sweet. Mable wanted to buy one but if anything ever happened to that plant.......

We had a blast and like I mentioned before we stayed for about 5 hours but I could have stayed much longer. We only got to listen to one really great lecture about growing vegetables and the coolest tip was for plants that need to have a well defined root system when they are ready to be replanted outside. Basically you place the seed in a container but in the middle you place the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll and put the seed in there. Once the roots start to form all you have to do is take the toilet paper root and replant the whole thing outside.....the cardboard part will huh? Maybe not for you but I am such a gardening nerd that I got chills.