Friday, February 11, 2011

New Hair Style

 I have decided that I want to have dreadlocks so.....on Wednesday I am having my first consultation! I have always wanted dreads but never had the guts to do it..until now...THE TIME HAS COME!!

I will post a new picture everyday of my dreadlock idol....LISA BONET!!

She is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world...I just love her!! is Lisa Bonet dreadlock diva picture number one!!

Lisa Bonet
I do realize the danger of using pictures of Lisa Bonet as an example for what I want my hair to be like. First, of all once I get dreads I still won't look like Lisa Bonet but I love her style and somehow dreads will bring me closer to my authentic self than my hair now. I have always been extreme about my hair. It has been super short to crazy extensions long but with dreads+extension I think it will be closer to what I imagine I look like in reality.

Happy Friday BABIES!!


  1. Good for you. I have been thinking about getting them too. My coworker has locs down her back. They are very, very pretty. She's my hair inspiration.

  2. I love my hair! It is really starting to settle down and if you are feeling the call then you should totally go for the dreads! I found so much inspiration on Youtube. There are tons of videos about how to take care of your locs, loc journey videologs and even product reviews. I love it and recognize myself when I look in the mirror.