Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning to Trust and other things

I love my job!! I love to sell!! I love the feeling of my heart pounding outta my chest from nerves when I do something new. It hurts but it's a growing pain and it's a way I know that I am actually alive. Today I made a great sales call. I finally understand my product and all my arguments, which I believe in have come together into a cohesive structured sales pitch. I wish people understood how great it feels to sell something you not only believe in but have
developed as well. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
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Still...after a long day..although I love my super comfy pullout couch from IKEA...I wish that I could I a nice big chair to curl up and read in as well.

Maybe something like this???

Fåtölj 336 Svenskt Tenn 24 500:-

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