Thursday, February 10, 2011


Someone asked me if this blog was a "fashion blog" and my answer was an emphatic NO!! I love fashion but I am a mere spectator. Let me be perfectly honest with you..I am totally not fashion forward. I don't wear heels or makeup or spend more than 10 seconds on my hair. I am a recovering TOMBOY and hate skirts unless they go all the way down to my ankles. I wear a few sizes too big which is isn't flattering to my figure but I do love pretty things. I have a real appreciation for simplicity and that is why I am a huge fan of J.Crew and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair!!

Two major favorites of mine!!

Tonight I want to show you what I would like to wear to work tomorrow if I had it in my closet:

J Crews Vintage Cotton Cowlneck Tee $29.99

Me...write a fashion blog...I don't think so...