Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Any News?? Lots of People have irritated me this week!!!

Today I stayed home because yesterday I almost lost my temper in class. Sometimes I feel like my school just hires anyone to teach us the "practical" portion of our education. Actually the international sales and marketing education has theoretical blocks as well so we earn academic credit for those classes. Anyway, the practical classes are taught by individuals who have their own companies and sell their courses to our school.

Some have been great teachers and others while having fantastic qualifications in their subject, just can't teach.

Yesterday, I was appalled by my teacher insisting that instead of confronting an issue "head on" with another person, from a different culture, that instead we form the problem into a question asking if whether or not what said person is doing, is normal in their country or culture.

This only works if what said person is doing is positive..."oh can you show me, we don't do that in the States". Instead...if an Italian is invading your personal space or you're at a business meeting and your Irish colleague is drinking too much...that is when you are supposed to form the problem into a question and insert nationality.
Do all Italians stand close together? Do all Irish people drink as much as you?

I would say if you form the question wrong and its already tense, you offend someone.